The Governor of Texas says people receiving unemployment benefits should be required to take a drug test, something one state representative says the Governor should do as well.

Governor Rick Perry this week, along with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, announced a measure that would require all citizens who accept benefits from unemployment insurance or food stamps to be tested at the will of the state.

The measure, Senate Bill No. 11, would tie Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF and unemployment benefits to drug-testing, while banning using public funds to buy alcohol, tobacco, and lottery tickets.

District 22 State Representative Joe Deshotel gave 12News HD his response to the Governor's announcement, saying the Governor should include elected officials among those who accept a check from the government, and therefore subject to drug testing.

Deshotel says the measure would single out poor families.

"There is no evidence that poor people abuse drugs more frequently than any other socio-economic group, therefore I challenge Senator Nelson, Governor Perry and Lt. Governor Dewhurst to support adding a drug test requirement to the application to run for state office in Texas," said Deshotel in a written statement.

The proposal is slated to be considered in the 2013 legislative session which will begin January 8, 2013.