The Jasper County Sheriff's Office needs help finding a mother of 4 who has been missing for nearly a year.

Sheriff Mitchel Newman says 57-year-old Kay McCoy was first reported missing last October.

A red flag was raised when The Department of Family and Protective Services called the Sheriff's office concerned about McCoy's whereabouts because she has a mentally handicapped daughter staying at a living center in Lufkin.

Shortly after that McCoy's bank alerting the Sheriff's office that McCoy's accounts had not been used in months.

Deputies started contacting McCoy's family members, and began learning a few interesting things about the missing woman.

Newman says McCoy's oldest daughter described her mom as a survivalist and a "doomsday prepper". She also told authorities she wasn't concerned because it was not unusual for McCoy to leave for months at a time without talking to anyone.

"She told us that she might be somewhere on an archaeological dig, or she might be out of state," said Sheriff Newman. "With the stories that the family was telling, it didn't seem odd because she had done this on several occasions."

After almost a year passed by with no sign of McCoy, Newman realized they needed to launch a formal investigation.

Cadaver dogs were brought out to McCoy's house Tuesday to search for a body but nothing was found.

Newman says they will continue questioning McCoy's family, but says no family members seem to know where she might be. Newman also added that no family members seem concerned about her disappearance.