Day two of the Allen Hancock murder trial began with testimony by crime scene investigators and the surviving victim of the shooting.

31-year-old Allen Hancock is facing a capital murder charge for an incident that happened back in 2013 during a dominoes game.

Henry Jones, a surviving victim of the shooting, took the witness stand. Jones identified the shooters as African American, but was not able to identify Hancock as one of the shooters.

Investigators stated that shell casings were found at the scene and a black Saturn SUV was reported to be the vehicle used in the homicide. Investigators stated that Hancock’s fingerprints were never found inside the vehicle.

Hancock was named one of the shooters after being identified in a photo line-up by another surviving victim according to court documents.

If convicted, Hancock will face life without parole. The trial is set to continue tomorrow morning at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

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