Day three of the Allen Hancock murder trial has officially wrapped up with a continuation of witnesses taking the stand.

31-year-old, Allen Hancock is facing a capital murder charge for an incident that happened back in 2013 during a dominoes game.

34-year-old, Latrina Hall, the owner of the black Saturn SUV took the witness stand. Hall says Hancock has possession of the vehicle the night of the homicide. However, the defense argued that hall has lied to police in the past in regards to the homicide.

Crime lab investigators determined that the damage on the front passenger side of the SUV was caused when I crashed into a parked truck when it fled the scene. However, the defense argued that investigators couldn’t determine if Hancock was inside the vehicle.

According to court documents, Hancock was named one of the shooters after being identified in a photo line-up by another surviving victim.

If convicted, Hancock will face live without parole. Celebration is set to start tomorrow at the Jefferson County Courthouse.