"I'm scared, I feel horrible for her because she has been put in this situation," said Destiny Coats.

Angie Coats daughter Destiny, defends her mother on the 1st degree murder charge.

"Everyone is making comments saying she is evil, this needs to happen to her." said Destiny.

Wednesday, Bruce Chance was the first suspect arrested in connection to the fatal fire. Tyler County Deputies say, chance has a lengthy criminal history and was last known to live in Orange. Authorities have not yet made the connection between the two suspects. Family members say, Joe Kelvin Brown was the victim in the fatal fire.

"Horrible way to die and I feel sorry for the family," said Destiny. "I couldn't imagine."

Angie Coats granddaughter was the late Olivia Coats, known as baby Olivia. The baby died in January 2014, four days after being delivered by a doctor who the family says used forceps.

"That is something we are trying to get over," said Destiny. "We are never going to forget Olivia. She was a big part of our lives, she always will be."

Destiny says her mother being charged in brown's death only adds to the family's pain. Several agencies including the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Orange County Sheriff's Office and Texas Rangers are still investigating what they are calling a homicide. Destiny says her mother is innocent.

"She didn't do this, I know for a hundred percent she didn't do this," said Destiny.

Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, says if you or anyone you know has any information about the homicide, you should contact the Tyler County Sheriffs Office.