(CNN) -- The Force is strong with this one.

This year's San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing -- and that means plenty of cool stuff debuting to make geeks and fanboys/fangirls go crazy. Mattel got in on the fun Thursday, unveiling the special-edition "Darth Car," which heralds the toymaker's partnership with the "Star Wars" franchise.

Star Wars tweeted a pic of the car of the Vadermobile with the caption, "Our new whip. Limited edition. #1 of 1. @Hot_Wheels #DarthCar #SDCC #SDCC2014."

According to Car and Driver magazine, Hot Wheels has a new lineup of cars based on "Star Wars" characters. The toy cars are reportedly scheduled to hit store shelves in October.

But attendees at Comic-Con got the chance to kick the tires on a life-size version of the Darth Car. Car and Driver reports that it is based on a C5 Chevrolet Corvette, can hit 150 mph, has a hatch that opens like Vader's helmet and features several special audio effects, including the sounds of Darth Vader breathing.

Our question is whether the Luke Skywalker car knows it's related.


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