HOUSTON- A woman was hit and killed while helping her step-daughter and grandchildren whose car had stalled in southwest Houston Saturday evening.

According to the Houston Police Department, the 62-year-old woman was fatally hit by a drunk driver, identified as 45-year-old Stephen Alan Cook.

The woman's step-daughter and grandchildren had apparently run out of gas on US 59 and had called the woman for help.

Police said the victim's step-daughter, was driving a Nissan on the Southwest Freeway with her two children when they ran out of gas and moved into the emergency lane.

Around 8 p.m., while the women were putting gas in the vehicle, Cook clipped the front end of the woman's van with his Mercury Grand Marqe and slammed into the back end of the Nissan.

HPD said this pushed the van into the Nissan, placing the step-mom in between the two cars.

The step-daughter and her 15-year-old daughter were both struck, but her 9-year-old son managed to jump out of the way.

The entire family was transported to the hospital, where the 62-year-old woman died.

The woman's daughter is in serious condition, but is expected to survive. The 15-year-old had minor injuries and the 9-year-old was not injured.

Cook was treated for minor injuries and arrested. He faces intoxication manslaughter charges and two counts of intoxication assault.