The trial of a man accused of taking part in the mistaken identity killing of a Lamar student continued Wednesday.

Orlando Escuadra-Garcia is charged with the 2015 murder of Rhydan Bolton at a Florida Avenue convenience store in Beaumont.

A witness to the crime testified today that while in jail last night Garcia had bribed him and asked him to lie about Garcia's involvement.

The witness explained he was booked in for unrelated charges to the murder. He said Garcia asked him to tell the jury that he was too intoxicated to remember any details from the night of the crime.

The witness said Garcia also told him he would pay him money for a lawyer if he got in trouble for perjuring himself on the stand.

Earlier in his testimony, the witness testified that he received a call from someone who told him Orlando Garcia wanted to meet up with him at a gas station.

When he arrived, he says he got into a truck and saw a kidnapped teenage boy in the car with a bag over his face. He said Kristopher and Orlando Garcia asked him if he knew the boy but he told them he has never seen him before.

He continued by explaining a bag was aput over his head as he was led inside a house. He said Kristopher Garcia and Orlando Garcia started beating him and the young boy and asking them questions about a man named Anthony who is also known as “Dula.”

The witness explained Kristopher and Orlando Garcia were asking about Anthony because he owed them money for drugs.

Shortly after, the witness testified he was taken back into the truck. At first he thought the Garcia’s were going to drop him off but they ended up taking him to a convenience store. He said he noticed Orlando Garcia had a gun in his hand before he put a bag over his head in the truck.

After a while, he said both of the Garcia’s jumped out of the car and he heard several rounds of gunfire.

He said when they went back to the car they were talking about how they “got someone” which meant they killed someone.

The witness said Orlando Garcia threatened to hurt his family if he told police about the murder.

The last person to testify was a friend who was with the victim at the time of the attack.

The witness testified he was in the car next to Bolton at the time waiting to go into the store for snacks.

He said all of a sudden he heard a gunshots then saw a bullet hit the car window. The friend explained his first instinct was to duck his head down but when he looked over at his friend he realize he was shot.

“I looked over and saw the blood on his neck and yelled Rhydan, Rhydan!” said the friend.

The friend said he later ran into the store and called 911.

“We were just going to the store, going to go home to relax,” said the friend. “We never would have seen this coming.”

Bolton's mother and his friend became very emotional as audio of the 911 calls were played in court.

In the tapes the friend expressed disbelief that Bolton had been killed and another caller referenced seeing two people shooting into the vehicle.

The doctor who performed the autopsy took the stand to tell the jury the victim had a gunshot wound to his head and neck. The prosecutor showed pictures to the jury of the injuries.

Earlier in testimony, Garcia's former girlfriend testified that she heard Kristopher Garcia say, "We got him" after the shooting.

Later, the defense argued the former girlfriend had changed her story.

Court will pick back up tomorrow at 8:45 a.m.