The suspect in the death of a Silsbee teen, who had been previously told to stay away from her, admitted he was with her the night she died but claimed he did not shoot her.

Paul Adams, Jr., 19, who fatally shot himself the day after her death, was introduced to Tristan Dilley,14, through a relative of hers who later found out the two had been talking on the phone according to Jasper County Sheriff Mitchell Newman.

The relative then advised Adams to stay away from Dilley because she was too young for him according to Newman.

Dilley had told her family that she had been talking to a 16-year-old Newman told 12News.

Deputies discovered text and Facebook messages between Dilley and the suspect's phone number on her phone while investigating.

When an investigator called Adams the day after the murder he admitted to being with her the night she was shot but claimed that an intruder had shot her Newman said.

The investigator "pinged" Adams' phone and determined that he was at a location in Orange County Newman said.

When deputies when to the location on FM1135 they found Adams along the banks of a canal a short ways from the roadway according to Newman.

As deputies approached him he fatally shot himself in the head according to Newman.

Newman said a suicide note was found with Adams at the scene and added that more information will be released on Monday.

The Sunday when she was killed Dilley had attended a dance while her family was out running errands according to Newman.

When Dilley's mother came home she called out to her but received no response Newman said.

She told deputies she assumed her daughter was sleeping after having been at the dance.

Later that evening Dilley's younger brother discovered her body face-down in her bed with a gunshot wound to her head according to Newman.