Some residents of the Beaumont apartment complex where a young pregnant mother and her baby were murdered this week are concerned about security measures at the complex.

Kera Teel, 19, and her baby girl, Kyndal Jae Teel, who died shortly after being delivered, were shot to death in front of Teel's mother early Tuesday morning at the Sienna Apartment homes in north Beaumont.

Several residents who did not want to be named told 12News about broken gates, a lack of security cameras and how easy it is for someone to get access inside the complex.

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Several feet of a wooden fence at the back of the complex are down on the ground with vines growing over it and provide easy access to the complex..

"I love the neighborhood we just need to step up our security," said Ja'qualan Coleman who just moved to the complex a month ago and is already noticing lots of problems.

Coleman is also concerned about the lack of security cameras in the complex.

"If my family come out here or my girl come out here I want to be safe," he said.

Residents told 12News a pedestrian gate on one side of the complex was unlocked and open for the past six months.

Coincidentally the gate was being repaired less than 12 hours after the shooting by a crew who said the repair had been previously scheduled for that day.

"If we have more incidents like this I'm going to have to move," Coleman said.

Dispatch records from the Beaumont Police Department show police are no stranger to the area.

The Beaumont Police Department has responded to 58 calls that resulted in 11 police reports at the apartment complex in the past six months according to dispatch records.

A sampling of the reports revealed at least four thefts or burglaries, two hit and run accidents and another two for criminal mischief.

A nearby complex, The Timber Creek Loop, was the location for a total of 68 police calls in the past 6 months according to Beaumont Police dispatch reports.

Calls at Timber Creek Loop resulted in 20 police reports for a variety of reasons including assault and theft.

"The gates rarely work and people come in and check car doors at night and you could watch them do it," said former tenant Aaron Phillips.

Phillips told 12News his car was broken into when he lived at the complex and he saw other robberies take place as well.

He said the criminal activity was not surprising to him because of the general neighborhood in which the complex is located.

12News reached out to the apartment manager to ask about plans for security but she did not want to comment and calls to the complex's corporate office were not answered or returned.

Residents did provide 12News with a letter they received from the complex notifying them of the crime.

The letter suggested, among other things, that they practice safety by locking their doors and contacting police for emergencies.

Sienna Apartment Homes tenant letter