A person who broke into King’s Pharmacy on 9th Avenue in Port Arthur last week apparently thought he had a way to get in and out without anyone knowing that he is the one who did it.

His plan was like something you would see in a jewelry theft movie. He cut through the roof and lower himself inside while the business was closed.

He brought a mask and tools needed for a burglary. But there was something his plan didn’t include: what to do when your mask falls off.

The burglar’s face was caught on surveillance video. That video was quickly spread on social media.

The burglary happened Friday. By Monday, police had received numerous tips. The information given from people who say they recognized the man was enough for police to announce they have a person of interest.

Port Arthur Police spokesperson Risa Carpenter confirmed to 12News they have the identity of someone with whom they want to talk about the burglary, but did not know if officers had been successful in obtaining an arrest warrant. Carpenter did not release the individual’s name.

Anyone who has further information concerning the burglary is asked to call the Port Arthur Police Department at 409-983-8600.