Beaumont Police are now saying that a Beaumont teen gave false information that lead to her arrest in the June shooting death of a Beaumont mom and her newborn.

"There are people who will go to you know extravagant means to put a crime on someone else to set someone up,” said Carol Riley with Beaumont Police public relations.

Three aggravated robbery charges related to the deaths of Kera Teel and her newborn girl, Kyndal, against Atayanna Douglas, 17, have been dropped due to insufficient evidence according to a release from the Beaumont Police Department.

During an interview with investigators Douglas gave false information about her involvement and implicated Jared Bias in the killings the release said.

"We have to do our due diligence to make sure no one is convicted of something they didn’t do, we want justice just as much as anyone else,” said Officer Riley.

Police say there may be other charges pending against Douglas, who was released from custody on Tuesday, though they did not specify what the charges could be.

There are three suspects in custody for the Capital murder of Kera Teel and her newborn baby which includes two juvenile males and one adult male according to Beaumont Police.

None have been charged with capital murder at this time.

Investigators say the juvenile suspects names won't be released until they are certified as adults and then they will be formally charged with capital murder.

"We want to make a strong case and give the family members and the community justice this young mother and her child this rocked our community,” said Officer Riley.

From the Beaumont Police Department...

Detectives with the Beaumont Police Department have worked tirelessly on the Capital Murder investigation of Kera Teel and her baby, Kyndal, since June 6, 2017.

During the course of the investigation detectives had to sort through many leads given by individuals who were involved in or pretended to have knowledge of the crime.

Attayana Douglas was interviewed by investigators with her attorney present and gave false information that led to her arrest.

She was charged with three counts of Aggravated Robbery, June 13, 2017.

She gave false information about her involvement and Jared Bias’ involvement in the Captial Murder Deaths.

Detectives continued to investigate and the evidence revealed that several juveniles are responsible for the Capital Murder Death of Kera and Kyndal Teel.

All of the suspects are identified and in custody on other charges at this time.

The suspects are juveniles and their names cannot be released, pending certification as adults, at which time they will be formally charged with the Capital Murder of Kera and Kyndal Teel.

At the request of Detectives, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office dropped the Capital Murder Charges against Jared Bias, however he still faces several charges stemming from other criminal acts.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 Attayana Douglas, was released from Jefferson County jail.

There was not enough evidence to hold her on the three Aggravated Robbery charges. There may be other charges pending.

This has been a very complex case. The Beaumont Police Department is confident that those involved in Kera and Kyndal Teel’s death will be held responsible.