A Beaumont man is in jail on assault and robbery charges after being tied to recent gang activity in Southeast Texas,

Derrick Cooks, 19, of Beaumont, is currently in custody at the Jefferson County Correctional Center where he is being held on bonds totaling $1.5 million.

Cooks, who was arrested on Monday June 12, 2017, is facing an aggravated assault charge and two aggravated robbery charges each carry a $500,000 bond.

Beaumont Police say that Cooks is a member of a local gang called, "Young Original Gorillas."

During the course of the investigation of the murder of Beaumont mother, Kera Teel and her newborn daughter police arrested another member of the gang, Jared Javon Bias, 22, of Beaumont, and Atayanna Asia Nicole Douglas,17, of Beaumont, who " ran with with gang members."

Cooks came to the attention of Beaumont Police while they investigated the capital murder case for his involvement with gang members and several recent robberies.

Police do not believe he is connected to the murder of Teel.

Prosecutors say the gang is concentrated mostly in north Beaumont and is comprised mostly of teens.

They say it is prevalent in Beaumont high schools.