SHELBY, N.C. – Police in Shelby arrested a man they say attempted to snatch a baby at Walmart.

According to Shelby Police, the victim said Eric Shayne Richardson, 43, was talking to her 10-month-old daughter inside the Walmart store on Dixon Boulevard when he tried to pull the child away from her.

A warrant for Richardson’s arrest was obtained by detectives and he turned himself in Wednesday night, police say. He is charged with assault on a child under 12 and is being held in the Cleveland County Jail under a $15,000 bond.

Lenny Bridges lives right next to Richardson, and he said Shelby Police came to the neighborhood to ask people, including Bridges, if they knew Richardson.

"They were pretty inquisitive, wanting to know when he got home [if I would] let them know," Bridges said. "So I let them know he was at home, and they came out here and talked to him."

Bridges said he's now worried for the safety of the neighborhood children.

"If something like that was going on in his mind," Bridges said. "He definitely needs help."