The Liberty County Sheriff's Office is warning the public that a man in an older white Ford Crown-Victoria may be impersonating a deputy and be pulling people over in the county.

From the Liberty County Sheriff's Office...

On Saturday, July 29th at approximately 12:30pm, a Liberty County citizen reported that he was pulled over for going three (3) miles an hour over the speed limit on SH 321 near Hwy. 1008 in mid-county by a man who claimed to be a Sheriff’s Deputy.

The individual claiming to be a Sheriff’s Deputy is described as a white male in his 30’s, approximately 6’-0” tall wearing a dark uniform but has no shoulder patches or name tag.

The vehicle he was driving was described as an older white Ford Crown Vic with small emergency dash lights but the vehicle, itself, was unmarked.

After a very brief conversation, the alleged Deputy released the driver to go on his way.

All efforts to confirm this as being an actual deputy has had negative results and therefore it appears this person was impersonating a peace officer.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is advising everyone to be alert for this person driving this older Ford white Crown Vic and to report, immediately to the Sheriff’s dispatcher at (936) 336-4500 if stopped by this person or he is seen stopping others.