UPDATE: A Jefferson County Grand Jury has has found 31-year-old Allen Hancock guilty in the a 2013 tripple shooting.


The owner of the alleged getaway car took the stand Friday during the fourth day of testimony in the trial of a Beaumont man charged with capital murder.

Allen Hancock, 31, is facing a capital murder charge in connection with a 2013 shooting that took the lives of three Beaumont men and left two others wounded during a dominoes game at a Beaumont home.

Latrina Hall, 34, the owner of a black Saturn SUV alleged to be the getaway car, was questioned by both the prosecution and defense about who had her SUV the night of the homicide.

Prosecutors maintain that Hall was consistent throughout the investigation about who had her SUV that night.

The defense, however, argued that Hall made a second statement to police which mentioned someone else having the SUV that night.

Hall also faces charges in connection with the shootings.

Hancock’s DNA was never found inside the SUV according to investigators with the Jefferson County Regional Crime Lab.

Court documents say Hancock was named one of the shooters after being identified in a photo line-up by a surviving victim.

If convicted, Hancock could face life without parole.

Closing arguments are set to start Monday morning at the Jefferson County Courthouse.