A former Jasper mayor who punched another former mayor in the face last week is now facing a misdemeanor charge.

Former mayor and KJAS radio owner Mike Lout was booked in and released on a $1000 bond within 10 minutes at about 4 p.m. Wednesday on a misdemeanor charge of "assault causing bodily injury" according to a jailer at the Jasper County Jail.

Jasper Police called Lout's attorney Bill Morian, Jr., notifying him of the warrant as a courtesy because Lout has been cooperating in the investigation according to Morain.

Lout previously admitted to 12News that he had punched Randy Sayers, who recently resigned as mayor of Jasper, during an altercation on Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

Lout, who owns KJAS Radio, previously told 12News an argument with Sayers turned physical and then he punched Sayers in the face.

Morian released a statement Wednesday afternoon...

There was a day when two men who decided to settle a dispute could pair off, get in a fight and it was over.

Now it seems if you stand up for yourself all you can count on is being arrested.

Mike Lout clearly acted in self-defense but was arrested because of the local personalities and politics involved.

It is unfortunate that this fight occurred, but Mike Lout chose to act in self-defense rather than resort to cowardly submission.

Mike Lout maintains his innocence and looks forward to being completely exonerated of these charges.

Lout told 12News previously he and Sayers were friends for many years.

Sayers, who cited health issues as the reason for his resignation, is a certified public accountant and handles the account for KJAS radio.

After an argument at Jasper City Council on Monday evening, Lout says he went to Sayers’ office on Tuesday to take his business elsewhere.

"During my visit there, he and I got into a heated argument about Jasper politics, he being a former mayor and me being a former mayor. And one thing led to another, and he jumped up from behind the desk and came at me, I thought he was about to swing at me, and so I hit him first," Lout told 12News.

Sayers released a statement on the incident previously...

I have been requested to give a statement regarding the unprovoked assault on me by Mike Lout on November 21, 2017.

I have reported the matter and the truthful facts as I know them to the appropriate authorities.

While I do not own a media outlet, I have eagerly served the City of Jasper for years as its Mayor and as a community member.

I have seen the integrity our law enforcement and our citizens, and have every confidence that those individuals and the ultimate factfinder will render justice according to the facts.

Beyond that audience, I have no appetite to make a statement on this private criminal matter and ask that no further requests be made of me or my family.

I am grateful for the prayers and support of the many citizens who have reached out to my family during this trying time.

Lout gave a statement to the Jasper Police Department and police confirmed they are investigating the case.