A former fast food employee was sentenced to 25 years for robbing the drive-thru of his former workplace with a BB gun.

Ronald Thomas Johnson, 30, was sentenced for the aggravated robbery of the Jack-in-the-Box on Washington Blvd according to a release from the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office.

Johnson fled on foot and was arrested just across the street from the scene of the crime by a Beaumont Police officer who happened to be sitting across the street according to the release.

From the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office...

30 year old Ronald Thomas Johnson was sentenced to 25 years in prison by Judge John Stevens today in the Aggravated Robbery of Jack In The Box located at 590 E. Washington, Beaumont, Tx.

Johnson, a former employee of Jack In The Box, was apprehended nearby in the parking lot of a Speedy Stop by an officer who observed Johnson walking away from the Jack In The Box.

Johnson was read his Miranda warnings and confessed to robbing Jack In The Box by pulling out what he described as a “BB Gun”.

Johnson stated he caught a ride with another male subject to the Speedy Stop.

While the other male entered the store, Johnson went across the street under the pretense of getting something to eat.

He walked to the drive-thru and pointed the gun at a female clerk and demanded money.

The clerk complied and Johnson left walking back to the Speedy Stop. He tossed the gun in some landscaping nearby.

The BB Gun was recovered where he tossed it.

A Beaumont police officer was sitting at the Speedy Stop when the call went out and stopped Johnson before he could get away.

He found Johnson had a black scarf tied around his neck and money in a Jack In The Box bag.

After confessing, he was placed under arrest for Aggravated Robbery.

Johnson had a prior conviction where he received 10 years for Aggravated Robbery in 2010 in Rusk County.

He was on parole for the prior Aggravated Robbery at the time he committed the Aggravated Robbery at Jack In The Box.

The case was investigated by the Beaumont Police Department and prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Mike Laird.

Prosecutor Mike Laird stated, “Prison awaits for those who rob, even with a BB Gun”.