A man who was jailed for stealing a car, evading arrest, and being a felon in possession of a firearm escaped from the Hardin County jail early Thursday morning.

Hardin County Sheriff Mark Davis told 12News Donavin Michael Cantwell, 28, was able to slip past guards and escape around 5 a.m. Video surveillance captured the escape.

“As with all incidents, we will conduct an internal investigation to address any area or employee action that may have led to a breakdown in protocol and take the action to address the situation," said Davis.

Cantwell is described as 5’11” weighing 160 pounds, with very short brown hair, blue eyes and heavy a short beard.

A sheriff’s office statement says Cantwell walked to a nearby home where he met with an woman. The two got into a vehicle and fled the area. The statement says the woman and the vehicle were found in Tyler County near Warren, but Cantwell had already left the area.

The Tyler County Sheriff’s Office is assisting in the investigation.

12News conducted a background search of Cantwell and found charges numerous misdemeanor cases. Charges include multiple counts of theft, criminal mischief, burglary of a vehicle and trespassing