Beaumont Police continue to investigate leads in the capital murder of Kera Teel and her baby.

Teel was killed Tuesday morning inside of a car in the parking lot of the Sienna Apartment Homes in Beaumont.

Officer Carol Riley with the Beaumont Police Department said investigators located a white pickup truck they had a picture of from a dash camera on the day of the murder.

Riley said officers spoke with the owner of the vehicle but did not find a connection to the murder investigation.

“We were able to speak to the owner and ruled the vehicle out so we are moving on to our next lead,” said Riley.

Police are currently looking for two suspects in connection with the murder but do not know the suspects motive.

"They are working tirelessly to get answers and bring closure and justice to the Teel family," said Riley.

Police are also investigating to see if there is a connection to a shooting off 7050 Highway 105 at the Seventy50 Apartments and another shooting at 655 South 23rd St. which both happened the same morning as the murder.

Police said suspects fired at two victims at the Seventy50 apartments at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The victims were not injured but the suspects were able to escape on foot.

Police also received another call about shots being fired on 655 South 23rd St. but the victim was not injured.

"We look at everything, we check with other agencies we check with other cities like Port Arthur, Orange and all of that,” said Riley.

The crime stoppers award is currently at a $12,000 award for information leading to an arrest. Riley said several businesses and people in the community donated.

"The bigger the investigation, the bigger they step up, crime stoppers steps up and it seems like the citizens are stepping up and we appreciate that," said Riley.

Riley said the Beaumont Police Department is tirelessly working on the case and will not rest until they find answers.

“Kera is just in our hearts and laying heavy on our hearts and we are doing everything we can do to give the family closure," said Riley.

If you are interested in donating to crime stoppers for the award you can call crime stoppers at 409-833-8477 (833-TIPS) or the Beaumont Police Department.