The defense attorney for a University of Alabama football player under indictment for assault released a statement Wednesday saying his client was not involved in the incident.

Deionte Thompson, 20, of Orange was not part of the March 2017 assault of Noah Frillou on Crystal Beach according to a statement released late Wednesday by his attorney, Sean Villery-Samuel.

Thompson, Rufus Joseph, 18, Morris Joseph, Jr., 18, and Daletredricc Wolfford, 21, all of Orange were each indicted, October 26, 2017, on a felony aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury charge in Galveston County.

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Morris Joseph, Rufus Joseph and Thompson are former West Orange-Stark High School football players and Thompson is currently a sophomore at Alabama.

According to his attorney many witnesses said Thompson was not involved in the assault and there is no video evidence to the contrary.

Villery-Samuel also says that "the mob of people that Noah Frillou was believed to be amongst" had used racial slurs and thrown drinks at "the people that were with Deionte Thompson."

A fight then broke out between "the mob of people believed to be with Noah Frillou and some of the individuals with Deionte Thompson" Villery-Samuel said in the release.

In the statement Villery-Samuel contends that neither Thompson or "the people he was with" initiated the incident.

Villery-Samuel also reiterated in the statement that after interviewing Thompson at the scene he was not arrested by deputies.

VIllery-Samuel previously told 12News that he believes his client was named because of his status as a football player at the well-known University of Alabama.

University of Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban released a statement saying...“We are continuing to follow the progress of the legal proceedings in this matter. We are not going to make any judgments until that process has been completed.”

A probable cause affidavit released in April on the spring break beach brawl during which Noah Frillou, 18, of Orange, was seriously injured included witness statements that implicated the men in the fight.

One woman told Galveston County Sheriff's Office detectives that she saw Frillou get hit by Morris Joseph.

Another witness identified Rufus Joseph and Deionte Thompson as two of the people that were kicking Frillou after he fell to the ground.

The witness also described Thompson's clothing.

Another witness identified Daletredric Wolfford, known as "D,"as also kicking Frillou in the head while he was on the ground.

All four men turned themselves in to authorities nearly a month after the brawl and were each released on $20,000 bonds.