Dozens of Southeast Texas couples who struggled with infertility, got a chance to say thank you Saturday afternoon to the doctors who helped them have a baby.

Lori and Alan Owens met 18 years ago at a gym in Florida.

"She was an aerobics instructor and I was just an attendee there," Alan told us.

They tried to have a baby for ten years, with no luck. Then one day Lori found out about the Center of Reproductive Medicine.

"I was actually shopping at the mall one day and I saw that they had a billboard up so I thought I guess I'll give it a try and give them a call," said Lori.

CORM, as it's called by those who work there, is located on Dowlen Road in Beaumont next to Goodfella's.

Dr. John Crochet said, "Couples come to us because they're wanting to have children, the bottom line is we help couples get pregnant and we're very good at it...well over 50% of the patients that do IVF get pregnant."

IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization, is a procedure that fertilizes the egg outside of the body.

Saturday afternoon, CORM held its first "Baby Reunion" day in their parking lot. Kids got to enjoy a bounce house, a petting zoo, and even a clown...while their parents got a chance to thank their doctors, sharing hugs with those who helped them find happiness. Dr. Vicki Schnell made it possible for the Owens to give birth to little Alan Jr.

"The Owens family came and they were very disconcerted because age was a factor, and when a woman is over 35 that can be a problem and she might not always get pregnant, but they persisted and they had IVF and it worked for them the first time and as you can see the result is their beautiful son," said Dr. Schnell.

Lori said, "I really could hardly believe it at first, it was just such a wonderful feeling and I just treasured the whole pregnancy."

"We couldn't wait for 9 months to come, she's got a program that really works," said Alan about Dr. Schnell.

The Owens aren't sure if they want another child, saying they're just happy Dr. Schnell was able to help them have one.

The Center of Reproductive Medicine also has a practice in Webster, TX...where they hold baby reunions like today's in Beaumont bi-annually. They plan to alternate these reunions between the two offices every year from now on.