Voting locations are usually determined by where you live but Jefferson County is vying to be the sixth county in the state to allow residents to cast their ballot at any polling location on Election Day in November and May.

By implementing a Countywide Polling Place Program as a voter you would no longer have to vote in your specific precinct but you could vote at any of the county's 57 polling locations.

County Clerk Carolyn Guidry says the change should alleviate confusion, as last year 96 people showed up to the wrong voting location and their ballots were ultimately rejected.

When we spoke to area voters we got mixed opinions about the program.

"You're not always where you can vote," said Beaumont resident Lisa Bohler. "Sometimes at work you only have a few minutes you can go wherever and vote that would be easier."

"Beaumont's so much of a bigger city, it's the biggest city in the area," said Nederland resident Emma Montalvo," so it's too many people in one place at one time too many lines."

Guidry says if the change does cause longer lines she's prepared to add more staff and equipment to polling places as needed.

Guidry says today is the deadline to apply for the program. The County Clerk's office has sent in the application and is hoping to hear back from the secretary of state by late next month.