"What the (expletive) is going on in this (expletive) locker room?"

In a two and half minute recording, Port Neches-Groves baseball coach Mike Brevell is clearly upset with his team.

"What's the first (expletive) thing you do when the (expletive) bell rings," Brevell can be heard in the recording saying to his players.

A family member of the player who recorded the speech tells 12News Coach Brevell was upset because players were horsing around, showing a lack of discipline to get out to the practice field on time.

Some parents think the coach could get his point across without the curse words.

"I wouldn't talk to anyone in that manner and I wouldn't want my kid talked to that way," A PN-G ISD parent told 12News

The audio circulated around the high school Tuesday and 18-year-old student Kellen Arnold says it took him by surprise.

"Coaches would sometimes do that but I've never seen it go that ridiculously or get that serious," Arnold said.

On "The Reservation" facebook page more parents shared their displeasure with the clip.

"That is a disgrace to the pride tradition and honor of PN-G," one parent told 12News

But others backed Brevell saying he was talking to his players as men he trusts.

"Every coach has cussed, this isn't little league," said another man.

The school district would not comment because it is a personnel issue.

The YouTube video has been pulled off the web site.