Ozen High School might soon be able to use multi-color lettering and flashy graphics in it's school sign.

As of now, it can't use the sign because of a city ordinance.

Beaumont Community Development Director Chris Boone says it's the city's job to keep drivers safe and that the sign's flashy graphics and different colors distract drivers.

Boone says the city is working with BISD to amend the ordinance.

Yet, 12 News HD as learned there are four BISD elementary schools with signs similar to the one at Ozen, but none of the signs have permits.

Those signs are located at Martin Elementary, Ameila Elementary, Regina Howell Elementary, and Bingman-Blachette.

Boone says his department has been in contact with the construction managers for BISD to get permits and bring the signs up to code.