A rally for justice in Hemphill last Saturday is causing concern for some community members.

The New Black Panther Party led by Houston Activist Quanell X staged in Hemphill Saturday for a Justice for Alfred Wright rally.

Wright's family says the 28-year-old physical therapist was murdered and that Sabine County Law Enforcement is covering it up.

Video posted to You Tube shows a number of the members carrying guns and members making a "call to arms."

The guns were not loaded according to citizens in Hemphill.

The group has historically called for justice by any means necessary. And now Quanell X is accusing Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox of a cover up in the death of Wright.

A majority of Hemphill citizens found the rally to be unnecessary.

"It's normal for me to see blacks and whites together but now we have all this KKK, Black Panther stuff. It's ridiculous like what is going on in Hemphill because we're all hand in hand here," Hemphill resident Brittany Smith said.

Maddox has refrained from commenting on the case, and has not returned calls for comment on the rally.

A Ku Klux Klan rally planned for this upcoming Saturday has been canceled.