23 vouchers were handed out this week to Carver Terrace residents and dozens more will be distributed in the coming weeks. The vouchers are for residents to find temporary housing until the new Carver Terrace is built in the 2500 block of Hwy. 365..

"This is going to be a place where you're going to want to call home," says Port Arthur Housing Authority executive director Seledonio "Cele" Quesada.

Carver Terrace is coming down on the west side of Port Arthur and by mid-2014 will be open for residency in the 2500 block of Hwy. 365.

"Anywhere but 365. That's a highway and it's too busy. So, I just rather somewhere that's real calm," says Port Arthur resident Michael Mayfield.

Mayfield's family lives at Carver Terrace. They're being forced to pick up and move but he says it won't be to the new location.

184 vouchers are currently being distributed for families to find temporary housing until the unit is built.

The new town homes will be low income and mixed income. There will be 180 units surrounded by a sand volleyball court, basketball court, swimming pool and community center.

The city says it's time for the big move.

"The federal government told us that we need to rebuild in a higher opportunity area and by doing that we're forced to rebuild in the 365 area," says City Councilman Kerry Thomas.

Some say they will accept the offer. But, Mayfield says he has lifetime of memories on the west side of town and may move his family to a new location in the same area.

The city will begin construction of the new complex in 6 months and then it will begin demolishing the old Carver Terrace.

The city is also finalizing contract negotiations on property on 12th Street. The city plans on building a senior living facility there at the site of the old Edison Middle School.