One of two men who burglarized a Port Arthur house while a 12-year-old hid in a closed and called police has been sentenced to 50 years in prison. The sentence was read Friday in the courtroom of Judge John Stevens.

LaJohn Wilson received the 50-year sentence because two probations for aggravated robbery were revoked because of the new burglary charge.

The Jefferson County District Attorney's Office Friday issued the following news release:

LaJohn Wilson, 22 (dob 3/22/1991), last known address 1949 17th Street, Port Arthur Texas, was sentenced today (11/22/13) to a term of fifty (50) years in the state penitentiary when his two probations for Aggravated Robbery were revoked based on a new Burglary. The case was heard by Criminal District Judge John Stevens.

On May 28, 2013, Wilson pled guilty to two aggravated robberies and received ten (10) years probation for his involvement in those robberies in the Criminal District Court. In those cases, Wilson was alleged to be the getaway driver in the robbery of two separate convenience store clerks. One of the victims was injured in the incident, in which the suspect wielding the gun managed to escape.

While on probation Wilson was charged with burglarizing a home on August 20, 2013, only three (3) months into his 10 year probation term. Wilson and co-defendant Jarrod Johnson entered the home of Johnson's neighbor and begin burglarizing it while a twelve (12) year old boy who lived in the home hid in a closet and called the police. After police arrived, both Wilson and Johnson fled from the home on foot. Wilson was later located hiding underneath a nearby house, and Johnson was later located hiding in his own home.

After a hearing today Judge John Stevens ruled there was sufficient evidence to find that Wilson had committed the burglary and violated his probation. The probation order was revoked and Wilson was sentenced to fifty (50) years in the state penitentiary.

Prosecutor Lindsey Scott said, "Justice was served today for our community. Wilson showed his contempt for the justice system and the people of Jefferson County. We should sleep a little more soundly and feel a little safer knowing he is in prison and not on the street."

The burglary charge that resulted in the revocation order is still pending.