Obese children often need extra help shedding the pounds but access to weight loss specialists can be expensive and frequent appointments can be time consuming.

Some health organizations are using a high tech approach to getting kids the assistance they need.

Nine-year-old Sofia Banuat is trying to lose weight. She knows her choices make a Sofia but needs help doing the right thing

"I'm not being very healthy sometimes. I have a slice of pizza and Doritos," said Sofia.

Sofia got older; her issues with weight got worse. So her mom Laura Banuat turned to the Fit for Healthy Weight Clinic at UCLA for guidance. Sofia would gets access to a specialized pediatrician, a nutritionist and a psychologist. But that presented a new problem for her self-employed single mom.

"Three appointments instead of one is not doable for me,"said Banuat.

So instead of having the family travel to westwood 3 times a month; UCLA is bringing the weight loss experts to the family via tele-medicine.

Dr Wendy Slusser says such as lack of transportation, busy school schedules and taking time off from work. Instead; Laura takes her daughter to the Venice family clinic. It's close and it's where she has come since Sofia was a baby.

"About 30 percent of the families really do need more than just the basic counseling that occurs in a primary care setting which is often time limited," said Dr. Slusser.

Sofia gets all the time she needs. Her appointment lasts several hours during which she learns meal planning, the importance of lifestyle changes and how her emotional needs impact her weight.