Bridge City has made another big step forward in the effort to remove the excess iron and manganese from the city’s water supply. Water filters have been installed at two of three city wells.

"I'm happy they are doing it,” said Leah Lejeune, a Bridge City resident. “I just wish they did it sooner."

Leah Lejeune has lived in Bridge City for nine years and is no stranger to complaining of the city’s water.

"Not very good,” said Lejeune. “It was orange and sometimes brown over the years."

The color of the city's water has been a problem for years. Last year, the city gave the green light for a 1.4 million dollar water filtration system. As of now, the city is on its third week of a 90-day test of the filters.

"I’ll test it out,” said Lejeune. “If it tastes good then I’ll drink it and if it doesn't then I’ll keep buying bottled water."

It’s common for Lejeune and her five children to go through four to five cases of bottled water a week.

"They're in sports and drink lots of water,” said Lejeune.

Lejeune says that finally having adequate drinking water for her and her family can't be too much to ask from the city.

"I pay my water bill and I’m sure everyone else does around here as well,” said Lejeune

Bridge City officials are asking permission of the state to install a third water filter. Once installed that filter will also begin a 90-day test.