Bridge City Cardinals are flocking back to class earlier than other students in Southeast Texas. The school board approved an earlier start date for all Bridge City students.

Students will start school approximately two weeks earlier this year.

Dylan Barton, a father of a Bridge City Elementary student states that he is not happy to hear about the new schedule change.

"I don't understand why they would start a few weeks earlier than the other schools,” stated Barton. "Two extra weeks doesn't make any sense, I don't see how they are going to benefit much from two extra weeks of school."

The district initiated the time change process in April of this year. Students will start class August 16 instead of approximately August 30.

Barton emphasized that the change is affecting kid's summer time.

Bridge City ISD stated that the early start will allow extra professional development days throughout the school year. Students will be able to have more three day weekends while teachers receive more training.

"The board will do a review next Spring in order to evaluate if the earlier start benefited teachers and students" stated Bridge City Superintendent.

If the board determines that the time change did not benefit the students or staff, the schedule will resume back to August 28 in 2018.