Out of the tragedy of Thursday's massive 150 car accident on I-10 near Hamshire Road, comes a happy ending for one family. Isidora Lopez and her son Damien Ortiz were traveling to Louisiana Thursday when they found themselves involved in that massive wreck on I-10. But Friday night, they were reunited with their puppy, Bo, that disappeared during the chaos of the accident. Lopez describes what happened during the Mayhem telling 12 News HD, "When we got out of the vehicle, he just kind of ran off. I was calling him and I thought he would come back. But he didn't."

Luckily, Blake Jones was one of the tow truck drivers working to clear the accident and after leaving the scene and coming back, he saw the puppy and thought it might be someone's who was involved in the accident. He sent a picture of the dog to his girlfriend and she spread the word and within minutes, Bo's owners were found. They were reunited late Friday afternoon at the Texas Welcome Center by the Louisiana border in Orange County. Jones tells 12 News HD, "He got his dog back. I didn't end up with another one because if he wouldn't of come looking for him, I probably would have ended up with him. I mean everybody won on that one. I get the dog back to his rightful owner and I don't have to bring him back to my house. It worked out good for both sides."

Lopez tells 12 News HD how grateful she that her son has his pet back, "It was a crazy day but I was just thankful we're ok and we're still walking there's a lot of people hurt and they took the time to find out who Bo belonged to."

Out of that horrible tragedy, Lopez says everyone was helping each other, Even her son little Damien Ortiz fed people sandwiches yesterday from the food the family was carrying in the car. Lopez says she is very proud of her son and very happy that he is reunited with his puppy.