Beaumont Independent School District's interim superintendent is not new at fixing broken school districts. He is credited with several successes, some dating back to his days as principal of the then troubled Bel Air High in Ysleta ISD.

Bel Air was later recognized under Butler's leadership as a U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon school.

The veteran educator is a native of Massachusetts. He has been a teacher, assistant principal, principal and superintendent of Anthony ISD.

Most recently he was the interim superintendent at El Paso ISD during the state takeover of that district.

He took over Monday as interim superintendent of the embattled Beaumont ISD. On Tuesday, the day after his first board meeting, he met with district administrative employees.

Butler laid out his core beliefs and expectations. He stressed to his staff the importance of following the district's code of ethics and professional standards of conduct for educators as outline by the State Board of Education.

Butler said, "Yesterday is gone; it's today. No excuses, we need to be certain that we are moving forward."

On Tuesday, Butler also moved forward by tearing down part of the district's controversial past.

He ordered the "Recognized" sign in front of the administration building be removed.

It was once the symbol of student success, but for many it came to represent fraud since BISD no longer holds that "Recognized" status.

Butler has also ordered it removed from the Thomas Center.

Photos of the trustees, who've been stripped of their authority, have been removed from the lobby of the administration building as well.

BISD spokesperson had this to say about Butler, "I will tell you, one of this top priorities is rebuilding the community's trust and confidence in the Beaumont ISD, that's something he feels strongly about."

The new board of managers must adopt a balanced budget by September 1st, the managers will meet again Monday.

On that day, they will also vote on Butler's salary, which will be about $180,000 a year.

The board of managers approved the proposed termination of former superintendent Timothy Chargois, Ed.D on Monday. He has 15 days to appeal.

Chargois' annual salary and benefits totaled almost $245,000.