It's a request from Beaumont Independent School District Trustee Mike Neil to his fellow board members, to walk away from their elected positions and leave the job of running the school district to others.

Neil is including himself in his proposal and the superintendent, Dr. Timothy Chargois.

Neil said, "Dr. Chargois, in my opinion, is not leading the district the way he's supposed to lead, and the trustees aren't working as a group and we are not going to work as a group.

Fellow trustee, Tom Neild agrees, and says, "We as a board have failed and failed tremendously".

Neild says the board has contributed to a total decline in the community's trust and support of BISD.

However, Board President Woodrow Reece calls Neil's proposal "ridiculous". Reece said, "Once again he's on an island by himself."

Reece went on to blame the problems among board members on Neil and Neild.

Trustee Zenobia Bush had this to say about Neil's proposal for the board to resign, "If that's his opinion, that's what he needs to do. No one in my community has asked me to resign. They do tell me 'we're praying for you all', and I'm motivated by the people."

And Trustee Janice Brassard, who is currently the only board member facing a challenge to her re-election, said, "I don't think I've failed anybody, and no I'm not resigning, I filed for re-election."

Joey Hilliard is running against her.

But the election is not a done deal, a judge is deciding if it can legally be held.

Judge Donald Floyd is expected to have a decision this week.