Beaumont ISD is meeting with engineers on May 25, 2011 to create a plan of action for the portable buildings at the Sallie Curtis and South Park sites.

"As soon as we have a solid plan of action we will ask the City of Beaumont to have joint inspections with us to ensure that corrective measures are being done properly and according to code," said Robert Zingelmann, chief business officer.

A Beaumont ISD spokesperson says an August 1st deadline has been set for the repair of electrical systems at two temporary campuses.

Spokesman Craig Eichhorn says a BISD "team" that includes Chief Business Officer Robert Zingelmann, has audited the work at Sallie-Curtis Elementary and the South Park Middle School portable units, and yesterday submitted the audit to the City of Beaumont Inspections Department.

BISD says it will be easy to complete the repairs and both campuses brought up to national codes by the August deadline

Many repairs at the temporary campuses were completed over the 3-day Easter weekend.