Beaumont ISD Superintendent Dr. Timothy Chargois has been facing serious heat from the community as of late.

Particularly after the release of a preliminary investigative report done by the Texas Education Agency.

The report was critical of the school board as well as Dr. Chargois saying he failed to manage day to day operations dealing with finances, purchasing and school records.

"The report by the TEA is preliminary. It's unfair to hold people to something that could possibly change," Chargois said.

The fact that the report is preliminary is also why Dr. Chargois has shown frustration with the board of trustees for sharing the report with the public and the media.

He adds that the district was already taking steps to fix problems in the finance department before the report went public.

"For the purpose of where are we going or what are they saying, we didn't wait for the report to come out to fix," Chargois said.

On the heels of its release were calls for Chargois to resign as superintendent. Last week the League of United Latin American Citizens asked Chargois to step down and the organization was joined by hundreds in the community.

"I work for Beaumont my position at this point is to take care of the children. We'll continue to work with any group that is passionate about Beaumont and Beaumont ISD," Chargois said in response to the request for his resignation.

Dr. Chargois asks the community to be patient as the district prepares its response the preliminary report.

Originally due March 21, it is now due on March 28 after an extension was granted by the TEA.