Beaumont ISD student athletes, band members, cheerleaders and the drill team are being asked to contribute to insurance coverage for this coming school year.

A BISD spokesperson said the district has always had policies for these students, but covered the cost within the district in the past.

At the June 28th BISD school board meeting, the board of managers adopted the new policy, so now the district will no longer provide that free insurance.

The cost is $25 for athletics and $10 for non-athletic UIL activities like band and cheerleading.

West Brook High School parent Brian Stanford said it's less about the amount and more about the principle.

"I think if a kid is covered by his parents insurance that should be enough," Stanford said. "I would always think the school would be responsible for some part of the insurance if they're playing for the school they should insure, just like me working at my job my job insures me."

According to a letter sent to parents, the policy does not provide 24 hour accident coverage, and is only in effect when students are at regular practice, off-season practices, games and UIL functions.

For students who don't have full coverage at home there are other limited insurance plan options offered through the district that can be purchased in addition to the athletic insurance.

Parents with questions should contact the BISD Athletics Office at (409) 617-5014