Good news for BISD students, the district is replacing its entire fleet of more than 200 aging buses with 97 new buses with upgraded features. Each new bus will be equipped with a GPS system, new radios, new seat belts, and a five camera security system.

Due to the upgrades, the buses will have better safety features and lower maintenance costs.

"Its technology a lot of school districts don't have currently,” said Kayne Smith, the Transportation Director for BISD.

Nearly 40 percent of the older buses would break down within a year, costing the district almost two million dollars a year in repairs, according to the BISD school district.

"So the reliability factor is there so we are not going to have the break downs,” said Smith.

The ten year lease on the new buses will allow the district to save nearly one million dollars a year.

"It's always an exciting time to have that first day of school of students showing up and it's even more exciting to have the new buses,” said Smith.

Parents who want to look up the BISD busing routes for your child, can click here