Sallie Curtis Elementary students finally have a new campus. After months of delays, students can finally roam the halls when school starts August 27,2012.

At the grand opening, in his last official act as B.I.S.D. superintendent, Dr. Carrol Thomas said this is the last of 10 schools built with the $390,000,000 in bond money.

"Probably my last official act as superintendent is basically going to be the dedication of this school, the acceptance of this school," said Superintendent Thomas.

After spending the last two years in portable trailers on Major Drive, Third Grader Ella Lemonis is excited for the changes the new year and the new school bring.

"It's actually kinda different because you're going in classes you know, one class you're gonna be in and the other, your gonna be in like reading science, math.. It's gonna be really fun," said Ella.

Ella's mom hopes the fun leads to learning.

"We're excited because Ella loves science. So for the new science lab and the library and all the updated technology, that they have compared to what they used to have. She is very excited about that."

It's no more just dry erase boards teachers have a whole list of new technology to help them teach in the classroom. Every teacher has a class pad and a Lady Bug, so they can show students documents on the big screen making it easier for visual learners to keep their place.

Principal, Susan Brown, says the new school, "Just gives everyone the pride that now you're in a new school. Now we have what we need. Now it's going to be even easier to do our best and you just really appreciate an environment like that."

Incoming B.I.S.D. superintendent, Dr. Timothy Chargois say, it's an environment that will let the students know the teachers and staff care.

"We built the building and now I promise you, we are going to build the people," said Chargois.

In addition to the new technology in each classroom, the school also has two computer labs, one of which, is large enough for two classes to us it at the same time. Also part of the new school, the regulation size gym and cafeteria large enough to house two classes. The new school cost the district $15.5 million to build.