Beaumont Independent School District superintendent, Timothy Chargois, Ed.D, will hold a news conference Friday afternoon at 2:00, to talk about the district's response to the Texas Education Agency's scathing preliminary investigative report on BISD's financial management.

That report calling Chargois' oversight a failure has led many people and community organizations to call for Chargois' resignation.

At Thursday night's board meeting, several people held signs reading "Resign Now".

Trustee Mike Neil echoed those sentiments when he motioned the board to vote on forcing Chargois to step down.

This was after a heated exchange prior to the vote to hire new Ozen High football coach Plez Atkins.

Neil questioned whether the Ozen coach who resigned last month, Keeath Magee was still on payroll.

Chargois did not want to address the issue in public, and told Neil they would talk about it in executive session.

But 12News has confirmed that although, Magee is working at Pearl River Community College in Mississippi, BISD is paying him until June.

We contacted Magee by cell phone, and left a message, but have not heard back.

But not everyone wants Chargois to step down, several people spoke in his support, including Trustee Zenobia Bush, who says the district's problems don't stem from corruption, but racism.

She said, "This didn't start with the embezzlement of money from the district. This started when there were people who wanted to take control of this board by switching voting plans from 7-0 to 5-7, and by any means necessary they intend to take over the board, but by any means necessary I intend to hold onto my seat."

Neil says he wants the board to vote next month, on a motion asking for Chargois resignation.