A spokesperson for the Executive Committee of the Beaumont Teachers Association issued a statement about a proposal that would result in the layoff of 300 people who work for the Beaumont Independent School District.


The problems facing BISD are not the fault of the educators who work to provide our students with the quality education they deserve. However, by sending this notification on a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend, Dr. Chargois' action has shown utter disrespect for the teachers and students who will pay the price should his recommendation go forward. The very idea that someone could suggest firing 300 people without public hearings and input from teachers, parents and the community is an insult to everyone who cares about our schools. The Beaumont Teachers Association will utilize every resource at our disposal to prevent this harmful proposal from taking effect while we work to find a more appropriate resolution to the problems facing BISD.

The Executive Committee of the Beaumont Teachers Association