On April 6th, the United States launched a military strike on a Syrian government airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians earlier in the week.

"It's a little bit late of a response,” said Khalid Hamza, a Lamar university professor.

Hamza is a Beaumont resident, but was born and raised in Syria for over two decades. According to the Trump administration, the attack was designed to stop the Assad's regime from using chemical weapons on his own people.

"I hope that it’s not just a response of showmanship, but that it is real and it is genuine,” said Hamza.

According to the United Nations, 11 million Syrians are missing or dead from the six year civil war. After being raised in Syria, Hamza believes the impact of the attack was limited.

"The U.S. Attack didn't do anything really except slow it down for a day or two,” said Hamza.

As a volunteer with a Syrian crisis relief organization, Hamza retains a passion for the people of Syria, but an anger at the Obama administration for not taking appropriate military action towards the Syrian government.

"This administration attacked the Syrian government within 48 hours, said Hamza. “The Syrian government is responsible for bringing in Iran, Russia, and North Korea in the war game."

Hamza says, the April 6th strikes showed trump will be willing to stand up to Assad's regime and others who do harm towards innocent civilians.