Police say a man believed to have taken part in a Beaumont robbery has been arrested on non-related charges after a high-speed chase in Louisiana.

A police spokesperson says an Iowa, Louisiana police officer tried to stop the driver of a 2001 Infinity around 1:20 a.m. Sunday. The driver refused to pull over and a high-speed chase began. Eventually the driver crashed the car into a house. Officers took the driver into custody.

Officers say no one in the house was injured.

Iowa Police Officers then discovered that the vehicle had been reported stolen during a robbery that happened in Beaumont around 11:30 p.m. Saturday in the 3200 block of Euclid Street. During the robbery, the owner of the Infiniti pulled into his driveway where two men confronted him. One of the men struck the owner with a handgun and both men stole the car. The owner suffered a minor injury during the robbery.

Iowa Police are holding Cedric Pittman, 18, of Lake Charles, for charges stemming from their pursuit. Those charges include aggravated flight from officers, resisting arrest, criminal possession of stolen property, and criminal damage of property.