The cooks are in the kitchen. The servers are waiting tables and the cash registers are ringing. These are all signs that it's lunch hour in downtown Beaumont.

"The Cafe" on Liberty Street is cashing in on booming business after two weeks of slow sales.

"We haven't seen a lot of our regulars, like a lot of the attorneys. We have a lot of jurors that come in. We haven't had any of those," said Chari Parigi, owner of "The Cafe".

The government shutdown kept "The Cafe's" seats fairly empty.

"Some days have been a lot better than others. But, not real good," said Parigi.

Thursday was real good with regulars who were stopping by from the federal courthouse across the street.

Down the road at New York Pizza and Pasta, business has also been slow. The sales were down 40-percent last week.

Workers blame that number on the ongoing battle in Washington.

Now that an agreement has been reached, federal workers are reaching into their pockets spending lunch money.

"We had several federal employees in. We're happy to have 'em," said Felecia Comalander with New York Pizza and Pasta.

Their "open" signs welcome the public to come in and enjoy good eats and treats. But, when the government shuts down, their registers slow down.

A government shutdown could happen again. We could experience this all over again if lawmakers can't reach a new deal early next year.