"For the last two months, its been going downhill bad," said a women who does not wish to be identified.

A woman who lives a couple of blocks away on Celia drive is running out of patience with the messy property. She states that others along the street feel the same about the mess.

"I think its shows that the people out here don't care," said the women.

She says residents in this area have already reached out to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office for help with the messy yard.

"It seems that their living in the yard, there is garbage, there is trash, there are clothes, and there are vehicles," said the women.

The man who apparently owns the messy property isn't much help either. She says other neighbors have approached him many times about questionable sanitary conditions in the yard. They say he refuses to clean it up, but he denies that.

"That's messed up because they should of come to me first," said the homeowner. "They didn't and no one said nothing to me about it."

I asked him when he plans on cleaning up the mess.

"It will be fixed," said the homeowner. it will be fixed by the end of this week."

Residents expressed that they are fearful of the homeowner and are concerned about continuing to confront him.