A Beaumont rapper who personified the image of a pimp is accused of literally being one.

33-year-old Ivory Charles Pantallion III, along with 24-year-old Jessica Lynne Morgan of Tennessee, are jailed in Lake Charles, charged with human trafficking.

Lake Charles police arrested them at a casino hotel Monday. They also rescued an Alabama woman who authorities say was their victim.

12News has discovered that Pantallion was a rap artist, who performed and aligned himself with the Port Arthur rap duo UGK, founded by Bun B and the late Pimp C.

His rap name was Ivory P, and on his Facebook page, he goes by Ivory Pimping, and even posted that he studied "pimpology".

But based on what happened Monday, the pimp lifestyle might have actually been reality for Pantallion.

Lake Charles police arrested him and Morgan for kidnapping and human trafficking. Officers say that a 19-year-old woman willingly left her home with them.

The three then traveled to Beaumont and Lake Charles, where police say they stayed in hotels, and set up web pages advertising the 19-year-old as an escort.

The alleged victim says the couple took her phone and replaced it with a prepaid phone.

Police say she started fearing for her life and contacted her mother, who notified police.

Investigators were able to track her down, and she was released back to her parents.

Pantallion is in jail on a $1 million bond, and Morgan's bond is half-a-million dollars.

Pantallion's criminal record dates back to 1998, and he's been incarcerated several times.