Posted :07-15-2013 at 07:17 AM

Subject:Agg. Robbery / Shooting 4300 Dallas

At 2:57AM on 7/15/2013, Beaumont Police responded to a shooting at 4330 Dallas in Beaumont's north end. Upon arrival, police found one person had been shot and critically wounded. EMS responded and took the subject to St. Elizabeth Hospital for emergency surgery.

Police spoke with the home owner, and found that he had responded to a knock at his door a few minutes earlier, and at this early hour he armed himself with a small handgun. The man at the door appeared to be around 25 years old, and he asked for some gasoline. The home owner stepped out on his porch to speak with the man, and was immediately attacked by a second man wearing a halloween style mask. The home owner responded to the attack by shooting the man in the mask three times, (once in the head). The other subject ran away on foot. Officers were able to find a small caliber handgun, and a BB gun at the scene, both believed to be used by the suspects.

Police are looking for the second subject, and the wounded subject is in critical condition at St Elizabeth Hospital. Charges of Aggravated Robbery are pending.

Officer Doug Kibodeaux