They are sometimes called ‘Women of the Night,' but the prostitutes arrested in Beaumont on Friday were picked up in broad daylight.

At least seven women were arrested by officers with the Beaumont Police Department during a prostitution sting.

Lieutenant Ky Brown with the Beaumont Police Department said the sting is in response to several complaints of prostitution activity near 11th St. and I-10, as well as in The Avenues neighborhood.

According to police, each woman was picked up in unmarked vehicles and each offered to perform some sort of sexual act to an undercover officer for money.

The suspects were then taken to a command post and arrested on the spot for prostitution, a class B misdemeanor.

A police spokesperson said officers arrested some repeat offenders and that is exactly why they're targeting certain areas of Beaumont.

"Some of these girls we've had these operations in the morning and by the afternoon we were seeing the same faces," Lt.. Brown said.

Police were also on the lookout for pimps, "Johns" and motel managers caught breaking the law.

A city ordinance prohibits motels from renting a room more than once in a ten hour period. Lt.Brown said it gives prostitutes one less place to commit sexual crimes that can lead to drug crimes and violence.

"What we're trying to do is clean up a part of the city that's been hit hard by it," Lt. Brown said.

After three class B misdemeanors for prostitution Lt. Brown said prostitutes can then be charged with a state jail felony.