Beaumont officers are apprehending members of the "Young Original Gorillas" gang who may have been involved in the murder of 19 year-old, Kera Teel. Officers have identified 22-year-old, Jared Bias as the gunman in the June 6th homicide.

"Been really praying a lot about how to be an instrument in bringing these gang violence down," said Kennedy Andrews, a pastor at the Harvest For Lost Souls church.

Andrews says the recent arrest of 22 year-old Jared Bias, shows the city's need for change against gang violence.

"The cause to live in Beaumont, is a cause to make a difference here in Beaumont," said Andrews.

Beaumont police say Jared Bias is a gang member of the group. Beaumont prosecutors say the gang is made up of 70 or more members that is most prevalent in North Mada Drive.

"One of the key things is getting them to a place of understanding that its not the answer," said Andrews.

The pastor says that the churches mission is to reach out to local gang members by bringing a more personal approach to the issue.

"We are opening up the church for everyone to come in." said Andrews.

Beaumont police say that most of the y.O.G. Gang involves teenagers and are currently apprehending others in the group who maybe involved in the murder of Kara Teel.

"If we are not careful in a few years, are kids will have no direction," said Andrews.

Pastor Andrews wants gang members of Y.O.G. to know that their not just affecting others, but their own lives as well.

"My office is always open and the best thing I can give you, is my listening ears," said Andrews.

This Saturday, the Harvest For Lost Souls church is hosting an event called the "Kingdom Men Prayer" which is meant to invite local gang members to help encourage the stop of violence.