Allen Hancock was found guilty of capital murder by a Jefferson County jury. Hancock fired a gun killing three people during a dominoes game at a home in the intersection of Park and Prairie Street in Beaumont in 2013.

"Relieved, elevated, and joyful,” said Jackie Jack, a family member of one of the victims.

Jack says her family can find rest knowing Allen Hancock will spend the rest of his life in prison.

The three victims of the homicide were 62 year-old Preston Wilson, 29 year-old Joshua Caesar, and 28 year-old Macgarret Jack.

"We feel like the justice system has worked out,” said Jack.

The June 27, 2013 homicide made family members of the victims re-experience the incident during the trial.

"It was very emotional,” said Destiny Laurence, a relative of the three victims. “I broke down but I had to get strong and had to be there for my family.”

34 year-old, latrina hall's black Saturn SUV was used in the homicide. While on the witness stand, Hall stated that Hancock used the vehicle that night.

"She an accomplice,” said James Makin, the defense attorney for Hancock. “She has every right to lie."

The defense argued that hall's 2013 interview with Beaumont police proved she lied multiple times about the identity of the person in her vehicle.

"I was pretty disappointed,” said Makin. “There was a few important things that weren't answered in the case."

The prosecution argued that hall only lied to cover for Hancock because of their past relationship. After the verdict was read, Hancock remained calm.

The court sentenced Allen Hancock to life without the possibility of parole. Family members of the three victims say, it still doesn't bring their love one's back.

"When we lost him, we lost a whole lot of people,” said Jack.

Beaumont police are still looking for the other suspects involved in the homicide. The Defense attorney says he plans on appealing the verdict.